A little about me...

The greatest part about my job is that it can never be boring. 

Even though I've been performing in front of crowds of all sizes and ages for over 12 years, I started out just performing for my bathroom mirrors when I was 9 years old. My grandfather taught me my first card trick, and after exhausting the captive audience that was every family member I could find (multiple times), I figured out that to get the reaction I wanted I was going to need to learn some new tricks. Back then, the cards were too big for my hands and my only goal was to show my parents something that they couldn't figure out.

Until I was 16 years old, the sleights and illusions I wasted countless nights practicing was only for me and my family. I would spend hours reading every book I could about the history of sleight-of-hand, how magicians performed in the 1920's, trying to fool myself in the mirror, and perfecting niche techniques for no reason other than my own self-enjoyment.  

Eventually, at my younger brother's Bar Mitzvah, I began to show the routines I had been working on to people other than my immediate family. After impressing the DJs at that party, I learned that I could do this "professionally". I went home, printed up my first business cards on printer paper, and the rest, they say, is history.

Being able to share and laugh with a variety of audiences over the years has been a blessing, and I look forward to entertaining you and your guests at your next event!

Why do I do Magic?

In today's modern life, with the staggering amount of distractions and obligations we all have, with our attention being pulled in hundreds of directions at once, people forget to step back and take time to 'play'.
I love bringing people into my world, even for just a few minutes, and showing them something that can make them think - even just for a moment - that there is still some wonder in this world.